Hornbjarg, Honvík, Hornstrandir

During the summer months, we offer a good selection of guided full-day hikes in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. We make sure there is a guaranteed departure every day of the week. All the hikes are operated by West Tours and Borea Adventure.  It varies from day to day which part of Hornstrandir we travel through and you will find better details in each tour description here to the right.

All tours start early morning from Ísafjörður town and we hike from one fjord to another. The boat takes us to point A in the morning and picks us up at point B in the later afternoon. The hiking distance is from 12-16 km and guests need to be in good physical shape to participate.  The duration of the tours is 10-12 hours and we are back in Ísafjörður around dinner time. All participants need to wear good hiking gear and bring their own lunch, snacks and water bottles.



The Week plan of day tours in Hornstrandir 

 Valid summer 2022